Lesson 22

Started our day (February 11) with a quiz and notebook/binder review.  If you missed the quiz and/or binder review, be prepared next week!

Next, we learned about Forensic Geology.  If you didn't complete the lab worksheets in class, please complete at home and submit next week for credit.  If you missed class today, see me next week for worksheets and lab papers.  This is a required lab. 

Homework: (Due February 18)

Combining today's lesson (forensic use of soil evidence) and last weeks' presentation (forensics and ballistics), watch Forensic Files Season 8, Episode 35 'Grounds for Indictment' (free on YouTube).  Print, complete and submit the attached worksheet for homework. 

Next week we will study Forensic Toxicology.  


Advance 'warning' ... we (aka - you!)  need to start thinking/preparing for final projects!  Options will include studying and presenting a recap/analyzation of a 'recent' high profile case (Casey Anthony, O.J. Simpson) OR creating a crime scene for your fellow students to examine and solve.  Don't stress ... there is plenty of time to decide/prepare/present ... this is just the teaser/pre-warning!