Lesson 22

Several students were absent today; hope everyone is well!  Our projects today included reviewing (and completing) check writing; envelope addressing; tying a tie; and Gallon Man conversions.  Next, we simulated 'adult life' by playing the game PayDay!


1.  Homework for next week was distributed in class; for those absent, a scanned copy is attached. (sorry the scanner made the pages a little crooked!)  When there are questions that state: 'Answer on a separate piece of paper' ... please write them on a separate piece of paper!  Trying to squeeze the answers into a tiny space on the worksheet is too hard to read! Plus, a Real Life Skill is to FOLLOW DIRECTIONS!

2.  Typing.com    --- Complete Intermediate Lessons 'Easy Top Row Words' and 'Easy Bottom Row Words'.   If you are behind on typing lessons, CATCH UP!