Lesson 22

In class this week, we had to put on our 'game faces'!   Preparing checkbooks for BizTown is a serious matter; afterall, we don't want Remi spending Gage's money!  Students were ready for the challenge and did a great job!


Next, we discussed skills needed to ensure good customer service at BizTown!    Students provided great insight!  They are ready to service customers with AWESOME service!!


1.  If you/your student haven't returned permission slips for BizTown ... they are due next week!


2.  Have students review the attached document with information for their assigned business.  Then have students complete page 59 in their Citizens Guide; answering questions to ensure knowledge of their business! 


3.  IF your student missed class today, could you possibly have them come to class at 8:45 a.m. next week?!?  I want to make sure everyone is ready to move on to our next tasks!



We only have 4 more classes together before our visit to BizTown!  So excited!!