Lesson 3

Today we completed our study of Eyewitness Testimony, completing the worksheet in your notebooks labeled 'What Did My Eye Witness?"   Next, we discussed the Innocence Project and the work it does to help wrongfully convicted inmates get their judgement reversed.  

TO DO:  (once you complete the list, you're good to go!)

1)   Review the powerpoint from class and take any notes you need to complete the "What Did My Eye Witness?" page in your red Forensics notebook.

2)  Complete the Innocence Project worksheet (red folder).  Submit in class next week. 

3)  Read and complete the "Forensic 101 Article - Types of Evidence".  Submit in class next week.

4)  Watch these 3 video clips showcasing Eyewitness Testimony from the movie "My Cousin Vinny" 




Next week we will classify types of evidence.   

Slide show from class