Lesson 3

Today we discussed how you need to be prepared for all travel plans to CHANGE! You can't control weather, traffic, maintenance, renovations, delays, cancellations .... With this in mind, be careful when choosing to book airline and hotel reservations that are non-refundable or have a change fee.  

In the 10 a.m. class, Giada shared her travel plans for Nevada.  She prepared a wonderful trip for her family to include Las Vegas and Reno/Lake Tahoe.  Her budget included all expenses except dining tax and gratuity; luckily she was a little under her $5000 budget and will be able to add those expenses to her final tab!  Great job Giada!!  Wish we could actually take the trip next week!

All other students in both classes shared their progress of their own trip and we discussed items that may need to be considered and included before the present it to the class.  Please see the attachment below for the dates assigned for each presentation. 

Some students did not have their homework from last week completed.  The attachment on Lesson 2 can still be downloaded, completed and submitted in our next class meeting.


Please print the attached U.S. Map and study state names, locations and capitals.

Finalize your travel plans and be prepared to present them to the class on your assigned date. (see attached)