Lesson 3

Today we reviewed the final items needed to complete the first edition of the Trinity Times for the 2019/2020 school year!  PLEASE send me your article - James & Sophie!  Please send pictures of homeschool sports if you have them! Ben - please send me the updated 'game' pdf.   Avery - on Wednesday, please remember to take a picture of high school students who are new to Trinity this year.


Next week talked about the book 'Atomic Habits' by James Clear.  I encourage you to listen to the audiobook or purchase and read the book.  One message from the book explains how making small changes in your life can lead to big impacts.  We discussed how goals can only be achieved if you establish the habits that will help you make progress to achieving the goal.  Practice implementing the habit you each determined you wanted to add or eliminate from your daily routine.  


Finally, we held a team building challenge.  Learning to work with different personalities to accomplish a task is a skill leaders need.  How did you and your partner work together today? 


See notes above on outstanding items needed for the newspaper.  Must submit no later than Wednesday, August 28!!   See notes above for working on small habit changes to create a big impact!