Lesson 3

Great job sharing the information you researched on careers in Graphic Design; Veterinary Assistants and Doctors; and Family Lawyers.  It is important to know the school requirements for careers that interest us, as well as job responsibilities and potential income.  Leo - I think I failed to let you share the information you researched...sorry!  We will discuss it next week.


1.  If you have not completed the worksheet packets from Weeks 1 & 2, please do so this week!  It's too early in the school year to get behind!  Submit these in class next week.

2.  Rachel - research the steps to become a member of the Coast Guard.  Leo - talk to your family vet about shadowing.  I will make contact with a Family Lawyer I know to see if she can schedule a zoom conference with our class, as well as a Graphic Designer.  

See you next week!