Lesson 3

Today we talked about the Real Life Skill of being flexible and changing plans at the last minute!  I had planned on cooking a breakfast dish with the class today but had to alter that plan because the church does not have an oven!  So instead we may a vegetable/chip dip!  I appreciate you each trying the dip, even though it was not a big hit.  Maybe when you are older!  Yet, you learned some new skills in preparing the dip and that's the most important lesson!


Remember, READ the ENTIRE recipe - directions and ingredients - before starting!  Make sure you have all the necessary ingredients and have items at the desired temperature.


Finally, we discussed how you can easily calculate and convert Gallons, Quarts, Pints and Cups, as well as teaspoons and tablespoons! 


1.  Find a recipe you would like to learn to make.  You can find recipes on websites such as food network.com; tasteofhome.com; allrecipes.com; real simple.com.  These sites usually categorize the difficulty of preparing the recipes; I suggest choosing one that says 'easy.'   

2.  Calculate the cost of the items needed for the recipe (you can use coupons if you find them for items needed!).  

3.  Finally, calculate how much the meal will cost per person.  For example, most recipes tell you how many servings they make.  If the ingredients for the recipe cost $12 and the recipe makes 4 servings, it will cost $3 per person.  


Bring the recipe and your budget to class on September 9.