Lesson 3

Today we learned about creating a story for a film.  Next week, you will divided into groups to make a short film.  You will be given a specific genre for your film that you must follow.  Start brainstorming ideas this week!  Try and keep them general so they can apply to whatever genre you are assigned.  This is a GROUP project so no one person can just take over- everyone's ideas need to be incorporated or considered!  This is also your first short film of the class.  The film will be no more than 3 minutes so it needs to be a relatively simple plot.

You don't want to have a plot like this:

"Jimmy is late to class because his Mom was running behind and he tried to explain to the teacher but she ignored him because she was having a bad day because her cat had spilled her coffee but really it was the dog but the cat got blamed."  

If you try to make this too elaborate, you won't be able to accomplish it.  It's better to have a simple, achievable idea that you can make good than try to make a blockbuster film that turns out awful.

This is only our first film! There will be many more so don't freak out if it's not your dream idea or your favorite genre!  This is to build your skills for the films coming up.

Just to remind you again (and so parents see):


If you are given a genre you don't like or someone in your group's idea is chosen that you think is stupid or you are given the job of lighting but you wanted to be director, don't freak out!  If you have a poor attitude and don't do the job at the best of your abilities, we will notice.  And when we are selecting the roles for the next projects and you say "I want to be the director!" we won't choose you.  We will choose the person who does the best at the job they were given (even if it's not their first choice), has a positive attitude and works hard for their team.  There are many of you in this class and it's not about only one of you!  So not every week you're going to be doing something YOU like or in a role that YOU wanted, but your turn will come.


This is not only a filmmaking lesson, it is a life lesson.

Homework: Read the chapter review of the video we watched today.


See you next week!