Lesson 20

Today we learned about tire impressions and the role they play in Forensic Science.   You had to match tire tread marks with the tire manufacturer and view/measure actual tire tracks to match with the tire that made the track.

Attached are notes from the power point.  In addition, this YouTube video (Tire Tread and Tire Track Evidence) provides good information on this topic.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dhkSlJadfPs

Homework:  (Due February 4)

1.  Watch Forensic Files - Telltale Tracks (Season 7; Episode 20) and complete the worksheet attached below.

2.  Print and complete the Forensic Podiatry worksheets (attached below).  This is a type impression evidence (somewhat similar to tire impressions) that you will be responsible for knowing.


February 4: We have a guest speaker who will be discussing ballistics.

February 11:  Quiz and Binder/Folder Audit.  Quiz will cover evidence including glass; tire and foot impressions; K9 Forensics and ballistics.  Of course there will be some questions on evidence we studied in the fall; so you should do a quick review.