Lesson 20

Today we continue to practice the location of Asian countries with a quiz.  Next week we add more countries (see attached).  A good way to practice and have fun is to play geography games!  Have students visit:  www.ducksters.com ; click on geography; click on geography games and finally on mapping games - Asia.  A map of Asia will be presented along with a country name for students to match.  They get rewarded with points for correct answers.   Students who use this 'gaming' approach while learning new countries consistently score better on quizzes!

Next, I reviewed the progress on the Asian Travel project.  Most students are 'on target' but some need to catch up.  Please review your students' progress and items due by next week (2/10) as noted in the packet.  

Finally, to continue to embrace learning about Asian culture, we learned and played Chinese checkers!  


See attachment with list of all 30 countries students should study and know for next weeks' quiz.

Have a great week!   Ms. Kelli (Sandefur)