Lesson 20

In class this week, we reviewed the students' Check it Out - 3 homework.  They are getting more accurate and efficient at keeping their check register and writing checks/deposit tickets!  By the time we visit BizTown, they will be pros!   Next, we divided into business groups, so that students/co-workers could get to know one-another and then they played a 'team building' game.

**We only have 6 more class meetings before we visit BizTown! Thank you for ensuring homework is complete and students arrive to class on time!  **


1.  Students should continue to practice 'banking' by inputting  ‘Check it Out – 4’  transactions (in Student Notebook) into their Citizens Guide.

2.  Each BizTown business gets to run a 30-second advertisement on the radio.  For homework, students are to write some single sentences that inform and promote their assigned business.  (We discussed this in class today, so they should understand this assignment.)  

Next week, students will work together to combine different sentences to complete their businesses advertisement.  By writing several sentences, each student should get to include something in the ad.  

Example:  For the radio station, students may write:

Visit the radio station to make song requests today at BizTown.

Mix 100.7 is a great way to promote your business; contact us about advertising specials.

--You get the idea. --

 +++Important+++  Please print the attached permission slips required by J.A. BizTown.  Complete both forms and return to me next week!

Have a great week!