Lesson 19

Sushi anyone? Rice? Today we tackled chopsticks and, while we were somewhat successful, most agreed that we would be really hungry at the end of a meal if we had to rely on chopsticks as our sole utensil!  I appreciate students trying new things as we barely skim the surface to learn about Asian cultures.

Students completed the first country quiz for Asia (10 countries); 10 more added for next week.  We also discussed the preliminary travel plans for the Asian travel adventure.  I look forward to seeing more plans in place next week!

Finally we tackled world maps and an Asian crossword puzzle.


1.  New countries to learn for next week (in addition to the countries from last week - so 20 total for the quiz on 2/3/2020)  Nepal, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Thailand, Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia.

2.  Continue working on Asian Travel project.  Items due on 2/3/2020 are noted on the worksheet.  Remind students to begin gathering photos for their final project.

3.  Complete Asian crossword puzzle.  Submit in class next week.

Attachments:  Crossword Puzzle.  


(Blank Asian Map; Labeled Asian Map and Asian Travel Project worksheet are attachments from Lesson 17.)