Lesson 19

Today we categorized different types of jobs into four general categories:  People Jobs; Data Jobs; Things Jobs; and Idea Jobs.  We also discussed how some jobs REQUIRE a college degree; some jobs a college degree is an advantage but not necessarily a requirement; some jobs require studying a trade and completing an apprenticeship; some require internships or on-the-job experience.  


Students then completed page 41, questions 4 and 5 in their Citizens Guide.  Next, we talked about the purpose of a job application and the importance of being HONEST while completing the application.

The businesses we have been assigned to staff for our  BizTown simulation are Kanes Furniture;  Tampa Bay Rays and the Radio Station.  Kanes Furniture is a Junior Achievement sponsor but We DON'T sell furniture in BizTown!  Instead we are the hub for printing and delivery for all businesses and have games and merchandise students can play/purchase.  

Next week (February 5) we will discuss interviewing do's and don'ts.  We will conduct interviews on February 12.


1.  Students should complete the BizTown job application on page 45 of the Citizens Guide.  They should PRINT all sections (except their signature in cursive).  Under Employment Objective - First, Second and Third Choice jobs they should NOT list a specific job title but instead list the types of things they would enjoy doing for the business.  For example, if they really enjoy working with people but HATE number crunching and computers, they should write 'working with people not numbers.'   This will allow me to gear their job assignments to their interests/skills and not a job title AND it will keep me from having to choose between several students who all listed the same job!

2.  Students should answer the interview questions on page 47 of the Citizens Guide.

3.  Students should write one of their personal checks to:  Dunkin Donuts; January 28, 2020 for $10.31.