Lesson 19

Today we reviewed the "Check It Out - 2!" transactions.  With each check students write and transaction they record in their register, they get more confident and comfortable!  That's our goal; for students to attend BizTown with confidence in their abilities as employees and citizens!

Next, we discussed how businesses have to budget their monies to ensure they can cover their expenses.  We completed a sample business budget on page 53 of the Citizens Guide.

Finally, students were given their job assignments for BizTown.  They were reminded that every employee/position is important to the success of the business!  They were also cautioned that if they don't work together as a team, they jeopardize their position (example - we don't want CEOs to let their title go to their heads!).  We also need to ensure each person is properly trained to fulfill their position; so please make every effort to have students on time and in class each week.   In addition, please help ensure their homework is completed prior to class.


Check It Out - Week 3 located in their Student Notebook.   

Have a great week!