Lesson 18

Busy day today!  We started the day with students completing a review quiz which included the United States; Europe; Australia/Oceania; and travel information.  


Next, we discussed the travel project that will take us to Asia!  To 'keep the peace' and allow students to study areas which interest them, this project will be 'different' than our recent projects.  Students get to choose the Asian country/countries they wish to visit.  They will visit 3 cities within Asia; the cities can all be in the same country or may be in different countries.  All the information, including due dates, are in the packet students received in class. (a copy is attached for those students absent today).  Please note that there are weekly deadlines to ensure progress is being made and this project will be presented in a folder for fellow students to admire (no oral presentation or power-point).  Once again, all specifications are noted in the packet.


In class during our Asian studies, we will take quizzes as we learn the location of countries and landforms in and around Asia.  We will also focus on cultural experiences of some of these unique countries. Today we 'celebrated' the upcoming Chinese New Year (January 25, 2020) with fortune cookies (which of course did not originate in Asia but we are open minded!); making festival lanterns and learning to recite and write #1-10 in Chinese!  Next week we will 'attempt' to learn to use chopsticks!

NOTE:  Please remind your student that learning about beliefs/cultures different from our own doesn't mean we are supporting them or practicing them. We are simply educating ourselves.   


1.  If your student was not in class today, please print the attached quiz and have them complete at home. (no notes or labeled maps)  Submit in class next week for grading.

2.  Students should complete the portion of their travel packet due 1/27/2020. (copy attached)

3.  Students should learn to locate the following countries on a map:  India, China, Japan, Taiwan, Mongolia, North Korea, South Korea, Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan. (labeled and blank maps to print for practice attached)

4.  Students should read the handout on the Chinese New Year and complete the questions.  Submit in class next week.

Lots of attachments this week.  For students who were in class today, the only two you need to print are the labeled and blank Asian maps.  All others were given in class! (but, of course, sometimes papers don't make it home!)

Attachments Left to Right:  Labeled Asian Map; Blank Asian Map; Chinese Numbers Exercise; Asian Travel Project; Chinese New Year Packet; Travel Apps/Links; Quiz (only for students who were absent on Monday)