Lesson 18

Many thanks to Mr. Sean Carey (aka Rachel's dad) for taking the time to share his career 'story' with us today!  While all the information he provided was valuable and interesting, I think the main points for each of you include:

-You may choose a career path; start the journey; and change your mind!  That's ok!  Mr. Carey LOVES where he landed but had to take some detours to get there!

-While some of your 'first' jobs may not be 'enjoyable', finding a career that you enjoy will make it seem less like 'work'!  

-No matter how big or small a project (or job) is, always give it 100%!  This allows others to see your work and the word-of-mouth recommendation is priceless!  When you get your first job(s), while they may not be your final destination, the people you work with may turn out to be your biggest referral assets in the future!

-Clear communication is KEY in any business!  


Please write a thank you note to Mr. Carey.  His company name is HDInteractive.  Bring to class next week and I will forward them to him.

Complete the How to Read a Pay Stub homework and bring to class next week.