Lesson 18

Interests -vs- Skills.... We can have interests in a subject/activity without skill.  I am interested in music but can't hold a tune!  We can have skills but no interest.  You may be a math whiz but not enjoy doing math.  It's great if you can find skill and interest in a subject to become your future job/profession!  


Students were asked to research a future job/profession in which they have an interest... knowledge is a powerful tool!




See note above; students should come to class with a profession and the necessary schooling/licensing/apprenticeship needed for this profession.  

Students have 'fallen behind' in their typing lessons... please have them focus on them for the upcoming weeks:

-Prior to today, the entire "Getting Started" section should have been completed.

-This week, we head into the "Reaching Out" section.  Students should complete keys T, S, L and O, B, A.  

Have a great week!   Ms. Kelli (Sandefur)