Lesson 18

Busy day today!  


Your student(s) are working diligently to become knowledgable citizens!  Today we reviewed 'private' and 'public' goods and services. (Citizens Guide Page 37)  Then we learned about Venn Diagrams and how they help transform 'lists' into 'pictures'. (Page 35)  Venn Diagrams will be part of their future math classes; this is a nice way to introduce them!  

Then we discussed "Free Enterprise". (Citizens Guide Page 32) We reviewed how fortunate we are to live in a country where we get to decide our jobs; where we live; how we spend/invest our money!  

Next we talked about "Interests" -vs- "Skills'.  Interests are things you enjoy.  Skills are things you 'do well'.  We discussed how you can have interests in something but not skill; you can have skill at something but no interest.(Page 41 - ONLY questions 1 - 3!!)  Examples:  I have an interest in music but can't hold a tune! I have a skill in math but no real interest.   Finally, we talked about how 'ideal' jobs are those that you have BOTH interest and skill!

Many students feel 'pressured' to know exactly what their future jobs will be ... I STRONGLY ENCOURAGE students to have an open mind!  If you have an interest, research it.  I told students how I 'thought' I wanted to be a doctor when I was their age (which they ALWAYS remind me was a long, long time ago!) but when my Biology 2 teacher told me to dissect a cat who died while pregnant, I quickly changed my mind!   We laughed and hopefully they received the message that there will be LOTS of considerations about their future endeavors but most will NOT come to fruition!  That's ok!  

PLEASE take the time to share your stories!  Tell you son/daughter about 'hiccups' you had while mapping out your education and career goals.  They want to hear; it relieves their stress!  


1.  Please review the following pages in the Citizens Guide and ensure they are complete: 32, 35, 37, 41 (questions 1 - 3 only!)

2.  Please make sure students are able to 'define/describe' the following terms/concepts:

-Consumer                           -Producer

-Entrepreneur                       -Resources

-Business                             -Citizen

-Free Enterprise                    -Goods & Services

-Scarcity                             -Profit

Definitions can be found in earlier sections of the Citizens Guide or in the Glossary at the rear of the Citizens Guide. 

3. Have students write one of their personal checks (green workbook-not Citizens Guide) payable to Target.  January 22, 2020. $61.71.   School Supplies.