Lesson 17

Today we were tourists interested in traveling to the Australia/Oceania region.  We heard 'pitches' from multiple destinations in this region and had to choose which would best meet the 'vacation needs' of our traveling group.  I was SO impressed with each presentation!  Some had music; some played videos in the background as we listened to optional activities; each included a 'negative' reason some would use to deter travelers (long, expensive flights; natural disasters; etc) but the positive 'spin' helped us overcome any doubts!  


Luke Pollock made a VERY compelling argument in support of the firefighting teams battling wildfires in Australia right now! When a country is experiencing trouble, we can best help by continuing to visit nearby travel destinations, funneling tourist monies into the economy to help support relief efforts!  What a great lesson for us all!


I think these were my 'favorite' presentations to date!  Each student stayed within the time guidelines and we struggled to choose our favorite destination!  This was difficult because we weren't rating the presentation but the destination!  Please encourage your student to be proud of their presentation, even if the destination wasn't chosen as a top travel location! So many wonderful destinations; hard to choose just one!  


Next week we begin traveling/learning about Asia!


- We will begin class next week with a 'refresher quiz'.  It's important for students to continue to review what we have learned to date; we don't want them to forget it!  The quiz will ask students to identify the location of states/capitals from the United States, as well as countries from Europe and Australia/Oceania.  Nothing tricky!  


-After the quiz, we will begin our Asian studies.  Many students already have their 'heart' set on a country they want to study...I am striving to keep the peace as we travel to the largest continent in the world!  Wish me luck and support the travel your student is assigned .... please?!