Lesson 17

Welcome back! We started the day viewing pictures from military personnel who received our care package!  You made a difference!  


We have lots on our schedule for the upcoming months!  Mark your calendars:

January 27, 2020:  Assignments for Edition 3 of the Trinity Times DUE

February 10, 2020: Trinity Times Edition 3 circulated

February 28: Middle School Dance (All Student Leaders MUST help decorate, chaperone and clean-up!  Plan on 3:30 p.m. - 11 p.m.)

Following are newspaper assignments; submitting earlier than the deadline is appreciated!!

Bethany: Bible Verse + Calendar of Events (2/10 - 3/31)

Avery: Leap Year Article and Fun Facts

Sophie: Valentine Fun Facts

Raff: St. Patrick's Day origin & fun facts

Ethan: Florida Man

Ben: APPROPRIATE Unfortunate Valentine Stories

Yamil: Origin of Shamrock

James: Presidential Fun Facts

Richard: Movie Review

Joseph: Puzzle

This edition of the newspaper will include Valentine Shout Outs!  This is a leadership fundraiser!  Valentine ads will be available to sell starting next week!  Last year we sold 60 ads; let's exceed that number this year!  


See notes above for newspaper assignments.