Lesson 17

Welcome Back!  We FINALLY get to say our visit to BizTown is THIS YEAR!!  Students are so excited!

Today I collected job applications from students who had completed them; if your student has not completed the application, please have them do so this week for homework. (Citizens Guide Page 45)   Our businesses are


.  Please do not have your student list their first, second, third choice of businesses/job if they don't have a real desire for one.  Remember, I can only assign 1 student to each job; so, the fewer students that list a particular job, the less disappointment.  As a side note, I have been to BizTown many times and students ALWAYS enjoy their job assignment!  


Next, we discussed the process of submitting a job application and then interviewing.  Page 48 in the Citizens Guide lists important things to remember for a job interview.  We discussed how you should NEVER 'lie' or 'exaggerate' your skills on an application or during an interview.  It's best to highlight positive qualities and your willingness to learn. For example, at this young age, students can mention how they have chores at home or help with younger siblings, showing they are responsible for completing tasks.  Each student discussed a quality they possess that they can mention in their interview.


Next week we will hold job interviews in class.  IT IS NOT intimidating or scary!  It's just an opportunity to practice what we have learned and reinforce skills for future reference!



1.  If your student hasn't completed the job application as noted above, please complete (Page 45)


2.  All students should complete the 'Making the Right Impression; Page 45' in the Citizens Guide.  Let your student answer these; sometimes parents try to sway their student, but this is time for them to be honest and insightful.   Spelling doesn’t matter!


3.  Finally, as a way to practice check writing; deposit slips; and entering transactions in the check register, please have students complete the transactions listed in their Student Notebooks.  In the back of the Citizens Guide (pages 77 - 84), there is a blank check register, checks and deposit tickets.  We will review these items in class weekly, but they should be completed in advance as homework.   (Attached is the 'answer worksheet' for these transactions for your reference.)


We will continue to add transactions each week for practice.