Lesson 16

Welcome Back!  Busy day today with LOTS to discuss.  

1.  Shout-Out to A.J. who finished the third edition of the newspaper over the holiday break.  The newspaper was on the front desk first thing this morning, greeting students and families upon their return!

2.  No time to lolly-gaggle; the next newspaper needs to include Valentine Shout Outs and therefore must be done by February 1.  Article assignments are listed below; start now before your semester gets too busy!  Email: TampaTrinityTimes@gmail.com

Gavriela: Valentine 'Jokes'

Grace:  Candy Review 

Emily: History of Valentines

Ansley:  Hockey Update

Andre: Music Review

Jedd:  Movie Review (chick-flick/Valentines)

A.J.:  Book recommendations & Newspaper Editing

Patrick: Restaurant Review

James:  Local Spring Activities Review (Tampa Bay Area)

Gabby:  Spring Break Activity Ideas - Stay Local

Rocco:  History of St. Patrick's Day

Drew: Dance - Dance Review

Rachel: Middle School Dance Promotion - CSI Theme

Richard: TBD

Ben: TBD

Ethan: TBD

3.  Reminder: Middle School Dance is Friday, February 26!  CSI Theme!  Your participation is MANDATORY.  3:30 p.m. - 10:45 p.m.  If your role in the WhoDunnit Skit requires a costume, bring it to class no later than February 8 for approval.

4.  Check on your availability to participate in team-building on Friday, January 29.  Top-Golf.  10 a.m. - noon. (Top-Golf Offers Discounts on weekday morning reservations: 2-hours for only $15 pp.).  I need a headcount next week!  Car-pooling can be discussed.  


Complete Newspaper Assignment.   Find some 'cute' valentine messages we can use to sell for Valentine Shout-outs.  This is a MAJOR fundraiser for our group!!  Bring ideas to class next week!