Lesson 16

Today we welcomed a new student; perfect 'excuse' to review the concepts we studied in the fall!


We are beginning our study on types of jobs/careers; skills needed to be a successful employee; etc.  In the upcoming weeks, we will be learning to complete a job application and interview!  Fun!


Today's lesson focused on "Interests" -vs- "Skills'.  Interests are things we enjoy.  Skills are things we 'do well'.  We discussed how you can have interests in something but not skill; you can also have skill at something but no interest.   Finally, we talked about how 'ideal' jobs are those that you have BOTH interest and skill!


Students were given a new packet of worksheets for their notebooks.  All existing worksheets should remain in the notebook as we add to it.  If your student was absent today, they will receive their additional packet in class next week!

For homework, students should complete the worksheet labeled: "Interest -vs- Skill".  Students absent today can get caught up next week!  No Worries!