Lesson 16

Today student’s role played with the scripts they had written for good/bad employers and employees!  It was fun to hear the scripts and what was perceived as good and bad traits.  We discussed how sometimes an employer needs to offer constructive criticism to an employee; yet, that doesn't make them a 'bad' employer.  The way in which this coaching is offered (tone, language) is what determines if the employer handled the interaction in a positive or negative manner.


Next, we did an exercise to show how together as a team we can accomplish more than individually.  This is important for students to understand, as we begin interviewing for jobs and working together within our assigned businesses for BizTown.


Students should complete their job application for BizTown (page 45 of the Citizens Guide).  It's important for parents to reinforce the message I am sending in class, which is that all the jobs at BizTown offer a great experience!  Students should not get their mind set on just one particular business/job.   Our assigned businesses are ++VERIFY++

GTE Financial; Mix 100.7 Radio Station; and Kanes Furniture. (Kanes is a sponsor and thus have their name on the business but students won't be selling furniture!  This business has games for customers to play; trinkets to purchase; and is responsible for delivering invoices to other businesses.) 

When we return from Christmas break, we will have a lesson on proper etiquette for job interviews.  Students will then interview for jobs; get assigned jobs and begin preparing their business for a successful day at BizTown!   


____________- is our assigned day at BizTown.   

Have a wonderful holiday break!  See you 'next year'!