Lesson/Week 15

Today we recapped our semester lessons with a 'Mrs. Kelli' version of Jeopardy!  Students are still a little 'iffy' on decimal operations.  Keep a close eye on their homework over the break.  Speaking of which, students were given 2 folders and a new novel 'The River' to complete over the break.  The homework is mapped out by the week; a total of 4 weeks.  A traditional Christmas break would be 2 weeks; 6 weeks is too much time without refreshers!  Most of the work is review of concepts we have studied this semester.  The completed folders should be reviewed by you for accuracy.

I have answer guides and 2 tests for parents to administer when it comes time for those in the lessons.  Zoey, Vicente and Carlie - please see me on Wednesday, November 18 to get an envelope for your parents!  Landon, Brooks and Lucy - I will mail these to your parents.

++Note: early in the school year, I advised students that I didn't want parents to correct their homework, as I wouldn't know that students were struggling if all the answers were correct.  Maybe I sent the wrong message and I need to clarify; if your student is struggling with an assignment or concept, I WANT AND NEED you to assist them at home!!   I just don't want you to correct their answers without an explanation.... It is especially IMPORTANT for you to keep an eye on their work over the break; we don't want them reinforcing concepts in the wrong manner for 6 weeks!   If they are struggling, encourage them to go back to their 3-ring-binder with notes on each concept and review!   The information is there but they have to look at it!++

Have a wonderful and safe holiday season!  Please feel free to email me if you have questions or your student needs some insight on a lesson!  I'd be happy to schedule a zoom session to assist.  KelliSandefurTeach@gmail.com