Lesson 15

Today we discussed doing 'random acts of kindness' during the month of December.  We talked about care packages for the homeless; Finn and Karis took packages made by Thia to give to out during their daily travels.  Other 'random acts of kindness' can include caroling; paying the bill for the person behind you in the drive thru line; offering to help a neighbor with a task; volunteering at a food bank or shelter .... there are endless opportunities to give back to our community during this season and throughout the year.  


Next, we wrote Christmas cards; addressed envelopes; talked about the importance of writing Thank You cards and verbiage for cards.  Finally, we wrapped presents!


1.  Complete C,G,N Typing Unit AND Beginner Review 1

2.  If you took the Christmas card home to mail, send me a picture of you mailing it!

3. Try to complete a 'random act of kindness' this week!  Share it with the class next week!

3.  On Monday, December 9, we will celebrate the end of our 2019 school year and prepare for Spring 2020 !!