Lesson 15

Today we continued our conversation about interests and skills.  We then categorized jobs into 4 main categories: People Jobs; Data Jobs; Things Jobs; Idea Jobs.  We discussed how all jobs are going to require you to possess more than one skill; these categories are the primary focus of the job.  People jobs include teachers and doctors; Data jobs include lab technicians and statisticians; Things jobs include zookeepers and chefs; Idea jobs include aerospace engineers and agricultural engineers.


Next, we defined employers and employees and the 'non-technical' skills they need to be successful (being on time; friendly; helpful; team player).   We had some role-playing scenarios of 'bad' employees and how they could have handled the situation 'better.'   Students enjoyed this activity so much that they wanted to create their own scenarios/scripts.  


Students are to create a role-playing script where the employer and the employee each have 3 lines.  The list below describes the type of employee/employer each student should use to create their script:

Scripts written with 'good' employers and 'good' employees:   

Scripts written with 'good' employers and 'bad' employees:   

Scripts written with 'bad' employers and 'good' employees: 

Scripts written with 'bad' employers and 'bad' employees: 

PLEASE DO NOT PRINT THIS LIST FOR STUDENTS TO SEE.  ONLY TELL THEM THEIR ASSIGNED SCENARIO.  Next week we will be acting out the scripts and fellow students will have to guess who was good and bad.   If this doesn't make sense to you, students will understand!

See you next week!