Lesson 15

We ended our semester with lots of candy and learning/practicing making change.  Students took turns being customers and employees; I announced what the customer owed; the customer paid the employee; and the employee had to give the correct change back to the customer.  This is an important skill!  I StRONGLY encouraged students not to try to tackle the 'mental math calculations' (although some are able to do so) but to instead make change up to the nearest $.25 increment; then it's easier to get to the next whole dollar.  

For example:  if the bill is $.45; put a nickel on the counter - $.05 to $.50, then a quarter to $.75, and another quarter to $1.00.    I encouraged students to talk as they work!  It reinforces the lesson as they go!


Students should practice making change.  Parents: give students $.10 in pennies; $1.00 in nickels, dimes and quarters.   Add some ones, a five and a ten so change can be made in coins and bills.  Give your student the total bill; pay them and have them give you the correct change.  This is a skill learned by practice, practice, practice....

Students should also complete the money calculations worksheet in their folders; doing so with money on the table will be helpful!

Have a safe and healthy holiday season!  I will see students bright and early on Monday, January 4, 2021!