Lesson/Week 14:

A great day celebrating and offering our insight on the Hatchet.  Several students mentioned they enjoyed the novel so much they were reading the next in the series.... Nooooo, I 'semi' screamed/exclaimed!   One of the next books in the series, 'The River',  will be a novel study over the holiday break.


 I am SO VERY GLAD students enjoyed reading the Hatchet!  My daughters read it and then couldn't wait to read more! This is a moment I hope students remember and use to catapult their studies!

We worked in small groups today to ensure we all understand the new math skills.  We also discussed the upcoming school 'break' that will include several weeks worth of work.  Why?  Normal holiday breaks are 1 - 2 weeks; this break is almost 6 weeks!?!  We can't afford to let our studies suffer due to CoVid!  There will be assignments, but not so much that Zoey says, 'I can't go to Christmas Eve services...I have homework.'   Or, CP and JP declare, 'We can't enjoy Christmas presents!?!  We have homework to complete.' Jack and Vicente can't claim, 'Ms. Kelli gave us so much work, we can't enjoy our holidays!!'    Although Landon, Caleb and Brooks try to throw me under the bus, they all are excited read The River!  Lucy and Carlie are trying to keep the peace but they are anxious to continue their studies in math, science, social studies and language arts!  Stellar Students!

Next weeks' homework due listed in attachment.  Let me know if you have any questions or concerns!  Kelli