Today we began a study of 'print' evidence.  


1.   See attachment: can you identify the print patterns and characteristics?  Bring to class next week.

2.  Read and answer questions from the Casey Anthony case.  Submit answers in class next week.  Use this as an example for your assigned case, due by November 23.  I will gladly review your write-ups and questions if presented prior to November 16.  

3.  Read the Fingerprint data provided for your notebooks in class this week.  This information is provided as a supplement to today's in class lesson and you will be expected to know what is included.

4.   Review notes from hair, fibers and fingerprints.  We will have a quiz at the beginning of class on

November 16.  The primary focus of the quiz will be on these 3 new topics but some review questions from previously studied information will be included as well. 

5.  As discussed in class today, all graded assignments/labs should be placed back in your red folder.  These will be reference tools for future crime scenes!  

6.  An email will be sent to parents on November 10; this email will offer semester grades (as of November 24) to parents who request them.  If you are uncertain about missing assignments, please email me: 

+++On Monday, November 23, we will be viewing the movie 'Wronged Man', which is based on an Innocence Project inmate.  Due to the length of the film, class will begin at 12:15 p.m.   Movie snacks will be provided.  There will be a quiz following the movie; easy-peasy if you pay attention!