Today we had a presentation by the Hillsborough County Police Department.  They provided fingerprinting and information on the 'day to day' truths of their jobs.

Next week, we will do some 'catch up.'  I will have items previously viewed in labs available for those that missed lab days.   Heading into Thanksgiving week, I will give you something to be thankful for!  If you have any unexcused missing homework, you may submit it next week and will receive credit for it.  If you are unsure of any work you are missing, please email me at   

TO DO:  (once you complete the list, you're good to go!)

1)   Write a thank you note to the following: 'Crime Scene Investigator Douglas; Deputies Jones, Culling, Hoffman and McCutcheon; and Community Service Aide Atwood.'  Please note at least one thing you learned from their presentation.  Bring this note to class next week.

2)  Review notes/powerpoint from hair, fibers and fingerprints.  We will have a quiz at the beginning of class next week.  Information covered will be in general terms of these topics.  

3.  Prepare binders for review.  Binders should have completed labs; notes; homework.

++Let's work diligently to get things done in a timely manner at the beginning of class, so that we can squeeze in a game of clue at the end of class!++