Lesson 13

Today we started with Landform & Waterway quiz, followed by a 'luck of the draw' Europe quiz.  Students randomly drew a previous quiz from the stack and that was their Europe quiz for the day.   

We traveled to so many wonderful places today!  I got to visit Italy twice in one day (lucky me!) and loved each of the different travel itineraries students chose.  Thank you Victoria (10 a.m. class) and Luke (1 p.m. class) for helping me plan my future trip to Italy!  We also traveled to Belgium and Netherlands with Jonah (1 p.m. class) and we all agreed we wanted to join in on his adventure.  Finally Heidi took us to England and Bethany to France (both 1 p.m. class) and once again we are ready to pack our bags!  Europe is a beautiful country and students chose wonderful cities to visit during their travels!


1.  Next week we have a few straggling reports to finish.  At 10 a.m., Skye, Carter and Maddie and at 1 p.m., Finn and Owen.

2. Next week (November 18) is also our European food day!  Students should bring a food/beverage from their country to share with the class.  We will arrange a buffet style spread for all to enjoy, followed by a European trivia contest. (I will provide plates, napkins, utensils and beverages)  We do have students with nut allergies, so please choose dishes without nuts.  In addition, if you could provide an ingredient list so students with other food restrictions can review before sampling.

3.  Please print and have students complete the attached European crossword puzzle and submit in class.