Lesson 13

Lots going on during these last few weeks together until the new year!  Here's what we need to accomplish:

Trinity Times - 1st Edition of 2021!  We want this paper on the counter when families return to Trinity on January 4, 2021!  In order to accomplish this, we MUST have articles/assignments submitted no later than Monday, November 23!   Why?  Who is going to submit homework during the holiday break??  Yeah ... RIGHT!!?  So we have to get it done NOW!   As an incentive, those who complete AND submit their assignment prior to class next Monday (November 16) will enjoy fun breakfast treats in class (bacon & donuts .... student requests!). DON'T MISS OUT!  GET YOUR ASSIGNMENT SUBMITTED ASAP!!

Campus Clean-Up:  After we enjoy bacon & donuts, we will divide and conquer to clean up the campus. We want to leave our space ready for the church to celebrate the holidays!  (So don't wear sandals, white tennis shoes or anything else you are going to use as an excuse to remove yourself for cleaning duty!).  REMEMBER .. all of these activities give you VOLUNTEER HOURS!  

Flying Squirrel TeamBuilding Outing: Currently planned for Friday, November 20... I am working with the manager to get us a group deal.  Details coming ASAP but reserve the eve!

November 23: White Elephant Gift Exchange!  Bring a wrapped gift (valued at $10 or less) to participate in this fun activity!  Of course your newspaper assignments must be completed by this date too!

Many thanks to A.J. for tackling the preliminary 'Who-Dunnit' crime scene and character rolls/script for the CSI Middle School Dance.  Reminder:  We HOST the Middle School Dance on Friday, February 26, 2021!  Mark your calendars NOW!  4 p.m. - 10:30 p.m.   MANDATORY!  


See notes above with dates/activities!