Lesson 13

Today we reviewed homework and continued to practice check writing and making entries in a check register. 


Some students are behind in submitting homework assignments.  Now is the time to 'catch up.'   You can click on previous lessons and print the assignments/attachments you need to complete.

Due Monday, November 18:  Please print and complete the attached check register with NEW practice entries.  This is DIFFERENT than last week and needs completed as we continue to learn this skill.

Monday, November 18 is also THANKSGIVING for our classroom.  We will set a table and enjoy sharing a meal together and compete in a holiday trivia contest.


Here are the items students have volunteered to bring; I will have plates, napkins, utensils and beverages.  If you are TBD - please email me so I know what you will be bringing to share!

Skye - Ham

James - Spaghetti & Meatballs

Yamil - Pork Dish

Jaedyn - Homemade Rolls

Avery - Sweet Potato Casserole

Reid - Mashed Potatoes

Tobi - Pumpkin Cheesecake

Bethany - Snickerdoodle Somethings

Fisher & Karis - Cornbread

Jonathan & Alex - TBD - Maybe a vegetable? 

Joseph - Maybe Stuffing?  or ??