Lesson/Week 13

Today we added 'lip prints' to our print evidence notes.  Next we worked as teams to match 'print' terms with definitions/answers.  A good review prior to the quiz next week.  Finally, we tackled a mini 'Forensics Lab' incorporating prints, DNA and blood type evidence.


1.  Review notes specifically for hair, fiber and print evidence.  The quiz on Monday, November 16 can be taken on computer/iPad or paper.  NO PHONES!  The quiz will focus on hair, fiber and print evidence but will also include some review questions from evidence categories; evidence collection; crime scene protocol.

2.  Finish he Forensics Lab given in class and submit for credit next week in class.

3.  Watch Forensic Files "Prints Among Thieves' and complete the worksheet.  Submit in class next week.

4. .  Midterm Projects are due Monday, November 23.  NO EXCEPTIONS!  These projects were assigned more than a month ago!  If you won't be in class on Monday, November 23, you must submit prior to this date!  I offered to review your project and offer input for revisions; if you want to take advantage of this (as several students have already done) I need you to submit it no later than Monday, November 16.  I will review and send suggested revisions via email but the due date doesn't change!  

5. . On Monday, November 23, we will be viewing the movie 'Wronged Man', which is based on an Innocence Project inmate.  Due to the length of the film, class will begin at 12:15 p.m.   Movie snacks will be provided.  There will be a quiz following the movie; easy-peasy if you pay attention! IF you are unable to attend class on Monday, November 23, an alternative movie will be suggested for viewing during the holiday break.  One of the two viewings and quizzes is REQUIRED.