Lesson 12

Today we traveled to Poland, Netherlands, Ireland and Scotland with the Pilch brothers!  What a fun way to start a Monday!  Ireland is on my personal bucket list, so I was excited to learn about travel there.  Later in the day, Izzy added to my bucket list with her report on Ireland.  I now have a great foundation to build my trip!  

We also traveled to Spain with Zane.   He chose to visit Barcelona and Madrid. Good choices! I have been to Barcelona and highly recommend visiting there!  It is a lovely city; very welcoming and the history and architecture are amazing!  While eating at an outdoor cafe, we learned that looking at a cell phone is NOT ALLOWED in Barcelona.  We were 'scolded' and told to enjoy the company at our table and those around us, not our phone! (I was just looking up directions to our next destination but ... I complied and did enjoy conversation with all those around us!) These are the cultural lessons we learn while traveling!

We also went to Russia with Gavriela and her mom... well, 'mom' actually visited Russia on mission trip in the '70's or 80's' according to Gavriela.  Seeing 'real' pictures and hearing recollections from visiting a country is always a treat!  Gavriela said 'no one wants to visit Russia' but I disagree.  Let's add it to the bucket list!


Finally, Parker took us to Sweden.  We all struggled to visualize the 'wooden bike' tour he took but google helped us!


Great job on all the reports!  Love learning while traveling! 


Next week is the final Europe travel report week!  At 10 a.m., I plan to travel with Skye, Victoria, Carter and Maddie and at 1 p.m. with Finn, Luke, Jonah, Owen, Heidi and Bethany.  

The quiz for next week will be multiple choice - locating 20 European countries and/or waters on a map (all that we have studied) AND identifying landforms and bodies of water (see attached document below).  As I advised students, for the landforms and bodies of water, I will have pictures of actual landforms/bodies of water (not the animated pics) around the room.  They will simply identify each; a sample is also attached below.  

REMINDER: Monday, November 18 is our European food day!  Students should bring a food/beverage item from their country to share with the class.  This is always a fun day to sample different foods and then compete in a European trivia contest!  I will provide plates, silverware, napkins and basic beverages.  Looking forward to sampling from each country as we end our time in Europe!