Lesson 11

Today we studied fibers and how they are part of the forensic analysis of evidence! I have attached the .pdf version of the powerpoint, allowing you to ensure your notes are complete.  Some information is an FYI but not expected to be known for future reference.  The fiber page in your notebooks highlights the information in which you need to notate and focus your learning.   

Next week we will study prints (finger, lip, palm, foot) evidence.


1.   Print and complete the attachment below.  This focuses on fiber evidence.  Submit in class next week for credit.

2.  Complete the Fiber Evidence note sheet in your red notebook if you missed class or need to fill-in missing information (information attached below for your reference).

3.  We viewed this video in class today recapping hair and fiber evidence.  Please view again to ensure your understanding of hair and fiber evidence. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e3ZlA5GoFVw&t=332s

4.  Begin reviewing your notes; there will be a test on Monday, November 16 on all material from this semester.  The majority of the focus will be on the most recent lessons: hair, fiber and next week print evidence but all general types of evidence (trace, transient, class, individual), as well as eyewitness testimony and approaching/analyzing/processing/cleaning up from a crime scene will be included.  This gives you plenty of time to review and study. 

5.  Reminder: Projects are due Monday, November 23!  No exceptions!  If you will not be in class that day, you need to submit to me PRIOR to November 23.

6.  Question: there is a Innocent Project Movie "The Wronged Man" I would like us to watch as a class.  Are you able to stay late on Monday, November 23 so we can finish the movie?  Please email me at KelliSandefurTeach@gmail.com to advise if you can stay late on this one date.