Lesson 11

We started the day sharing evidence and hypotheses from last weeks' mock crime scene.  You did a great job writing thank you notes to the Medical Examiners!  I know they will appreciate receiving them!

Next, we started our study of fingerprints!  We studied our own prints and tried matching mystery prints.  This lesson leads into next weeks' presentation by the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office.  They will show how they retrieve prints from crime scenes.  

Projects!  You received information on case study you will research and present to the class during the weeks following Thanksgiving Break.  Your topic and date were noted on your packet.  These are old cases that were notorious and/or controversial.  


1.   Please print the document below and place it in your notebooks. (Fingerprint)

2.  Please watch Forensic Files "Palm Saturday." (Season 13; Episode 41)  Complete the worksheet (below) while watching and submit in class next week.

3. Please do your best to be on time for class next week!