Lesson/Week 11

Math:  Today we introduced decimals and related them to fractions.  We discussed comparing numbers with decimals; rounding numbers with decimals; annunciating numbers with decimals in word form and adding numbers with decimals.  Students seemed to 'catch-on' but please monitor their work this week to ensure they are 'on track'.  

Language:  We all agree we are mentally encouraging Brian as he faces hourly struggles while stranded in the woods!  The Hatchet is a great read!  Ask your student to tell you about it!  Students have a new spelling list this week and we are continuing to tackle understanding themes in writing and how many different stories can have the same theme.

Florida History/Social Studies:  We continue to learn about early Florida history, which will lead us into the novel A Land Remembered following our holiday break.  Great cross-study unit!  

Science:  We all LOVE our science time!  We learn together; experiment together; change elements and experiment some more ... it's a great hands-on time for science!  



**Please review your students' folders to ensure they are completing all assignments on time.  While I insist they take responsibility for journaling their weekly assignments, that doesn't guarantee they are completing them!  I need you to be the 'second set of eyes', making sure they are not getting behind in their workload!  **

**Heading into the holiday break, I will be giving students assignments to complete and submit with they return.  While the extended holiday break is intended to help curb the spread of CoVid, we don't want it to curb our progress!  Students at this age simply can't afford to take 5 weeks 'off';  if needed, make me the 'bad guy'!  I will be recommending 'due dates' for assignments to be completed, hoping to discourage the last minute binge; you will have the option of scanning and sending assignments for me to review/grade or viewing assignments yourself with an answer key provided.  Waiting 5 weeks to determine if work is 'accurate' is also not a 'smart' learning strategy.  Please determine the best option for you and your student and we will discuss as the break approaches. **

**One last note:  students arrive on Tuesday morning either tired (and yawning) or with an abundance of energy.  Neither are optimal for 'crunch time learning'.  Obviously, I am at Trinity and prepping for they day before our 9 a.m. start time.  I would like to offer for students to arrive and have 'social/playtime' on the playground from 8:40 - 9:00 a.m. This will hopefully wake-up tired bodies and minds, as well as run-off some extra energy for those that have it!   I will not be directly supervising this time on the playground but I will be close-by in the building and calling students to the classroom at 9 a.m.  Please seriously consider making this extra time a priority; your student needs/wants it and learning time will be enhanced afterward!**