Lesson 11

Thank you for helping the 'Young Entrepreneurs' with their class business today!  Remember, there are shifts scheduled for Wednesday too!  See Lesson 10 with shift assignments.  This is a volunteer opportunity!

The Trinity Times was not available for distribution today; late assignments and incomplete completion of the final version delayed printing/distributing.  It is so important for you to complete your assignments on time!  If the paper is not printed/distributed tomorrow, many of the articles will be 'out-of-date' (Halloween?)


Read Chapters 11 - 14 (stop at the beginning of 15)... or finish the book!  Choose one of the two options... but don't come to class if you haven't read at least through chapter 14!  


Next week we will finish signing holiday cards for local assisted-living and nursing home residents.  We have delivered these in past years and they are always appreciated!  

Reminder:  November 23:  White Elephant Gift Exchange.  $10 gift; Wrapped.  Who knows what you will receive??