Lesson 11

Last Monday of the Month ... Time to Cook!  Today we sampled Jumbo Cheese Stuffed Shells and then we made some to take home!  This is a great recipe; easy to make; the shells reheat well for leftovers and they are always a hit!  The recipe is attached below.  If your family likes to have a 'meat' with their meals, you can add cooked ground sirloin to the sauce or mix it with the cheese stuffing.  (I always end up with stuffing left after all the shells are filled, so make sure you are generous while stuffing or cut the recipe in half.)  

Next, we played a game of Scattergories.  Good opportunity to work with new friends and practice being a 'good sport' while winning and losing!  Skye and Yamil were today's winners!


1.  Students were given handouts on the importance of voting and another on the Selective Service System.  Please have them review and complete the worksheet.  Submit in class next week.

2.  Several students weren't able to complete last weeks' homework on taking responsibility; please complete and submit next week!


3.  I would LOVE for parents to purchase the ingredients for Cheese Stuffed Shells and let their student(s) make dinner!  Better yet, take them to the grocery and have them purchase the ingredients!  Great sense of pride when preparing a meal for the family!  Take pictures while they are cooking and send to me!

4.  On Monday, November 18, I would like our class to host a mini Thanksgiving meal to share together.  I would like each student to choose an item to prepare at home and bring to class on November 18.  Please have your student (or you) email me with the item they would like to bring so that we don't end up with 15 pumpkin pies!  I will provide beverages, napkins, plates, silverware.  Students should bring a copy of the recipe to submit to me; I will scan and share with everyone.  

Email: kellisandefurteach@gmail.com   I will respond to your email advising if the item your student selected works with the menu items already chosen by other classmates.