Lesson 11

Today we reviewed the homework for knowing how to write a check and deposit ticket.  Next we learned how to make entries in a check register.  


It's time to practice making entries in a check register.  Attached below is a check register page and entries for students to make in the register.  Please print for you student to complete and bring to class next week.


Also attached is an 'answer sheet' for the check register.  The 'answer sheet' is ONLY FOR PARENTS.  Now, I know you know how to make entries and balance a check register but J.A. BizTown is VERY particular as to how we teach students this skill.  They want consistency.  Therefore, please print the 'answer sheet' and use it for reference if your student asks questions while doing their homework.  Once again, we did review this in class but some students were absent and some may 'forget'.


The code word for students to tell me in class next week is candy.  They will understand!