Lesson 1

Welcome to Leadership & Journalism!  We are going to accomplish great things together as a group this year and have fun while we are doing it!  Great ideas shared today for the Middle School Dance theme!  Reminder: Place the dance date on your calendars:  February 26, 2021!


Thank you for enthusiastically volunteering for your newspaper assignments!  Begin working on your assignments for the Trinity Times Newspaper.  Bring your rough drafts to class next week for us to review and edit.  Following are the articles/assignments:

Patrick: How CoVid Has Changed High School Sports

Richard: Classic Movie Suggestions & Reviews 

Emily: How CoVid Has Changed Florida Theme Parks

Ethan: Music Review

Drew:  Book Review

Andre: Restaurant Review

A.J.  Puzzle

Ansley: Feature Teacher - Mrs. Rydell 

Grace:  Checking In with Mrs. Carney

James:  Riddles/Brain Teasers

Gavriela: Interview with Students New to Homeschooling

Rachel:  "Ad" Type Format - Save the Date for Middle School Dance

Rocco: Article Highlighting Funny CoVid Lockdown Stories/Experiences

Jed:  Game Review

Ben:  Graphic Design/Newspaper Layout

Rough Drafts Can Also be Emailed to: TampaTrinityTimes@gmail.com