Lesson 2

Today we reviewed Life Skills and making proper introductions with a confident handshake.

Next we tackled a new life skill: keeping organized with calendars and lists.  Monthly calendars can show an overview of activities scheduled on each day.  Weekly calendars can be more detailed with 'to do' lists.  

Finally, we talked about goal setting and making notes on actions that will help you achieve your goals.  For example, if your goal is to finish a race in less than 18 minutes, what training do you need to complete on a daily basis to help you achieve that goal?  If your goal is to participate in a LEGO show, you need to schedule time to work on and complete your models by the show date.

Next week we will have our first cooking lesson!


Make notes on your monthly calendars to include activities and birthdays. Make notes on your weekly calendar with homework assignments and other projects.