Lesson 2

Today you made stop motion films!  This helped you realize how important consistency is when making a film!  In stop motion, if something isn't kept the same, it is very noticeable!  When we make films, we want to make sure it flows correctly.

We've all seen movies where in one shot a girl has their hair pulled up and in the next shot her hair is down; or a guy has a baseball hat on facing forward and the next shot facing backwards!  We need to be aware when filming to ensure this doesn't happen.

Practice making your own stop motion films to continue working on this skill!

Next week, we will be learning about the story within the film.  This will help you begin brainstorming story ideas you want to make into our short films coming up!  We will be watching famous director Ron Howard (look him up!) in an exclusive video about the process of choosing a story for a film.  


Write a one page paper about a film you thought had a good story.  Explain what about the story impressed you.

See you next week!