Mellow Yellow

A Homeschool Mom and Daughter Duo

Kelli Sandefur

From a homeschool parent's perspective, I made sure our courses were not fluff and busy work.  Your child will learn in a hands on way in a safe environment to make mistakes!  We do not believe in memorizing pointless information just to pass a test- we teach what they need to know and focus on actually learning!  Our only rules are try your best and have fun!

Thia Sandefur

From a homeschool kids perspective, I made sure the courses were fun and would keep the attention of students!  I helped my mom create the courses and designed the website.  I recently graduated high school from the Dual Enrollment Program at St. Petersburg College with my A.A. degree.  I will be pursuing my B.A. degree at Gallaudet University in Washington D.C.